Our Quality

At PuroClean, achieving Best Practice is at the heart of our organisation, hence our adoption of the best that the market has to offer in enhancing our practices, in order to achieve our long term objectives. The incorporation of this strategy in line with our Quality Management System is just a couple of examples of our commitment in delivering excellence.

We use innovative cleaning techniques, constantly testing new methods and improving our systems. Through regular orientation, our professional staff stays current on the latest cleaning methods, products and equipment.

Our Quality objectives include:

  • Meet the client’s contract requirements; i.e. specifications, drawings, and requisite Australian Standards.
  • Control and implement contract alterations as they occur.
  • Supply only those products and materials which have the quality to meet all customer and regulatory specifications.
  • Ensure the same standards of our sub-contractors.
  • Adhere to Government and Company policies and regulations for OHS&R, Environment and Industrial Relations.

The core of our best practice program is an effective Quality Management System, which is fully integrated into our business practice. The system is based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and is designed to ensure that customer requirements are understood by all employees involved and are met on every occasion.

Proper adherence to our Quality Assurance Policy is required of all of our employees, who are encouraged to suggest process/procedure changes to improve quality. Quality is the responsibility of all our employees.

We are well aware that the Quality Management System we have developed and implemented is not the “end”, but a mechanism or means to achieve the end, with the end being continuous improvement and enhanced competitiveness.